Pure Aracor is an Europeran importer of the premium brands Pisco Portón and La Caravedo.

Founded by Araceli Valdez Riquelme in 2014.

Pure – is the distinction of the brand, which provides only pure and high quality products.

Ara – from the name Araceli, the founder.

Cor – inspired by the word “qori” which means gold in Quechua. Quecha people refer to any or all speakers of the Quechua language, which originated among the indigenous people of South America. Most Quechua speakers live in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

Araceli leads the company with passion, and shares her Latin roots.
With a team specialized in making Peruvian cocktails, their goal is to bring the exquisite taste of Peru to Europe. With products that stand out for their high quality.